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There are three ways to give your tithes and offerings to Kawartha Community Church


Several have asked about E-transferring your tithes and offerings to KCC.  We have been able to set it up online, so if you would like to contribute that way, here is how:

  1. E-transfer your offering to direct@kawarthachurch.com;
  2. You will be required to enter the amount and your mailing information.
  3. When the offering is deposited, you will receive a notification.
    Cost to KCC $0


KCC has mailed out self-addressed envelopes with offering envelops to many of our contributors.

  1. Fill in the offering envelop, fold it and seal it into the self-addressed envelope, put your return address on it
  2. Mail your cheque to Kawartha Community Church
    444 Howden Street
    Peterborough, ON   K9J 4B3
    The charge of this type of giving to KCC – $0

Online Giving

Canada Helps takes Credit Cards, Visa Debit or Paypal for Contributions online.  The charge of the offering to KCC is 3.5%.

Please use the below secure Donation Form to give through Canada Helps.
It is compliant with the highest level Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

All online donors will receive instant tax receipts at time of donation.