Can a Christian be political?  If so; how much?  Where do you draw that line?

This podcast covers some musings about politics, social action, social  disobedience and how a Christian looks at the world of politics.

Rick Bradford of Serving in Mission has transitioned to an outreach ministry into the community and into the bush in Nigeria. Rick has creatively developed bush schools to the unreached Fulani peoples who live in remote areas. Rick is also bringing the opportunity for those in remote areas to hear the bible in their own language using Solar powered talking bibles. Rick is also developing relationships with the local church to band together in reaching other tribes for the gospel.

Martha is developing a Music school to teach “how to read and write music”. Also creating a pastor’s resource center as well as a children’s creative learning center. She also teaches Christian music history at a local bible college.

Noel serves as Executive Director in Asian Outreach in North America and East Asia. He and his wife, Marnie, have lived in Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Marnie is passionate about women and children at risk. She has been working alongside the Asian Outreach team in Cambodia helping at risk kids find the opportunity for an education and future. Marnie assists with foundation research and donor management.

They both have worked with Asian Outreach in various capacities since 1990. Noel and Marnie have two grown children, Holt and Hartley. Their passion is to continue to see transformation in communities across Asia.

Looking at a passage from the Bible about Old Testament prophecy? It can be
confusing! Listen to how we can approach the topic and not lose our marbles
at the same time!